Saturday, November 26, 2011

Discovery of Death by A.P. Fuchs

Title: Discovery of Death (Blood of My World, Novella One): A Paranormal Romance
Author: A.P. Fuchs
Genre: YA/Paranormal (Vampire) Romance
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment (April 22, 2011)
Available: Free at Amazon
Rating: 3 stars
Rater: Lauri 

Plot summary: Zach awakes one day and discovers he's an amnesiac vampire. Rose, his former sweetheart, not only has to contend with losing Zach, but she learns she's a vampire slayer. Can love conquer all? Can they beat the odds?

The good: The author is not a beginning writer. He knows not to start every sentence with "He"/"She," and he knows how to develop a plot. I really liked the sentimental sweetness.

What needs work: I couldn't get into the heads of the characters. They don't have strong individual voices, and I couldn't feel anything the author told me they felt.

All in all, a three-star book. It's a cute, Romeo and Juliet story that, if you like YA vamp stories, is worth adding to your kindle bookshelf.

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