Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Dark Man's Son by Meg Whitlock

Title: The Dark Man’s Son
Author: Meg Whitlock
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Publisher: Self published (June 4, 2012)
Available: $2.99 at Amazon 
Rating: 4 stars
Rater: Dihanna

From the publisher:

She claimed the muggers were demons, but of course Jason didn’t believe her. At first.
When a mysterious woman appears in a dirty alley to rescue Jason Latimer from a pair of muggers, he tries to write her off as a garden variety lunatic. But he can’t shake the memory of her intense green eyes that seemed to flash gold, or the glowing sword she’d worn on her hip.
She calls herself Alex (no last name) like she’d made it up on the spot, and she offers Jason her protection. From what, she can’t or won’t say. He refuses, and that night he dreams of a dark man with the same offer. His black eyes flash blood and garnet, and he smells of burning things. Jason refuses him, too.
A chance meeting brings Alex and Jason together again, and she tells him of the Guardians: two immortal beings created near the beginning of time with the express purpose of fighting for mortal-kind’s soul. She is Light, and the man from Jason’s dream is Dark. Jason must choose, because Lucifer, for reasons purely his own, has unleashed the armies of Hell to hunt Jason down.
But there are things about Jason that not even he knows, and he’ll face hard truths and bitter choices as he struggles to find his place in a world redefined. Will he rise to the challenge, or, when the time comes, will he falter?
From Renaissance Florence to the French Revolution, from World War II to the modern streets of New Orleans, The Dark Man’s Son is a riveting journey filled with unforgettable characters, wry humor, dark twists, and a touch of romance.

Warning: Spoliers!

Jason was a just normal kid with a step dad who treated him very well and who grew up to be quite a good man.  On an auspicious night he was attacked by two demons, but before the worst could happen, a woman - "Alex" - appeared and stepped between him and the demons. On what seemed a strange whim, the woman told Jason to ask her to be her guardian because she could not help him unless he asked.  After several things happened he did ask.

As the story unfolded, I came to love her – this woman - because she had the kindest nature. She forgave everyone and tried to find the good in everything and everyone.  In her searches, she discovered that her brother was in fact Jason's father (Cassius-another Guardian) and his mother was a human.  Lucifer wanted to get Jason into Hell so that he could then be free to roam the earth.  To do that he poisoned the Lady of Light and kept her in purgatory.  Jason, after meeting Lucifer on several occasions, decided to make the trade for the Lady of Light but when the trade went down Cassius The Dark Guardian (his father) took Jason's place which left Jason to fight Satan on the earth to kill him.

I rated this story four stars for two reasons: I was surprised to see Werewolves and Vampires, and didn't think they belonged in this story (and they didn’t really add anything meaningful). Second, the plot was a bit too predictable. This was, however, a well written story that was extremely fun to read. I recommend it without hesitation to every fantasy fan.

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