Friday, September 28, 2012

Dark Isle 2 by Shannon Mayer

Title: Dark Isle – Book 2
Author: Shannon Mayer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: HiJinks Ink (July 8, 2012)
Available: $2.99 at Amazon
Rating: 5 stars
Rater: Dihanna

From the publisher:
When evil begets evil, a choice is forced on Quinn, the one person who can see the danger. Does she save the ones she loves, or does she save the world from Chaos? 
As the realms of Fae and human collide, Quinn's future has never looked so grim, or so damn impossible.

What I liked: Once I started reading this book I could not put it down.  It was easy reading with no slowdowns and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.  I was especially curious as to how Quinn would save her sister, Ashling, and of course the world.  I loved Luke's character as he was certainly someone I would have loved in my life.  The book made me think about how we have to see people and figure out who is a friend and who is really not.  Aednat the banshee is not someone I would care to meet but thought that the book brought up many good things for it made me look at myself and my personal  relationships.  I cried when Cora died as who could ever have had a more wonderful friend and protector.  I thought the book was very well written and easily give it 5 stars!

What I didn’t like: I can’t think of a thing.

In sum: I really enjoyed this book, and you will, too, if you read pararomance.

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