Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ozette's Destiny by Judy Pierce

Title: Ozette's Destiny
Author: Judy Pierce
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Pants on Fire Press (February 27, 2013)
Available: $7.99 at Amazon
Rating: 5 stars
Rater: Dihanna

From the publisher:
Ozette, a rare and beautiful white squirrel, must flee Earth World when she is wrongly blamed for the destruction of their sacred forest simply because she is different. Clutching only a golden acorn, which was gifted to her by her beloved grandmother, Ozette escapes to Farlandia, a magical kingdom where her grandmother has said the young squirrel will find her destiny. With innate innocence and sweetness, Ozette quickly forms close friendships with the residents of Farlandia including zany elves, fairies and animals, and soon finds herself tapped to be the caretaker of this old-growth forest. Forging strong alliances through the challenges of life, Ozette and her magical friends will have you laughing and crying as you follow them through adventures that will warm your heart with gentle lessons of kindness, loyalty and self acceptance. And, as a charming goodbye gift at the end of the book to delight all ages, the author sends off her readers with real recipes for many of the fantastical treats that the Farlandia residents enjoy.

What I liked: If I still had little ones at home, I would take this and read it every night as a bedtime story for my kidlets. But you don't need kids to adore this story.  I simply loved Ozzete and thought she made a wonderful queen. I loved that this book showed the importance of the golden rule was necessary, along with many other things like being kind, honest, noble and courageous, and that in doing that you find the best path in life for not only for yourself but others. It's well done, with fleshed out characters, and a smooth story. Recommended for all ages.

What I didn’t like:  Nothing.

In sum: I’m currently reading it again.


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