Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Girls from Alcyone: Merchantman by Cary Caffrey

Title: The Girls from Alcyone: Merchantman
Author: Cary Caffrey
Genre: Scifi/Space Opera (short story)
Alcyone Studio (July 13, 2013) 
Available: $0.99 at Amazon
Rating: 4 stars
Rater: Pippa

From the publisher:

Sigrid Novak embarks on an all or nothing mission to secure vital supplies for the girls' homeworld of New Alcyone. But with a price on her head the size of a planet, and pursued across the galaxy by the Council for Trade and Finance, finding a willing trading partner proves a more complicated problem than Sigrid thought.

Fortunately, there are always the Merchantmen

What I liked:

I loved The Girls from Alcyone so this was an immediate buy for me, and I wasn't disappointed. Another exciting adventure with the lovely, kick-ass Sigrid, a space station, betrayal, and technology from the super-advanced to the seriously dodgy. It fulfilled all my main wishlist items for scifi/space opera.

What I didn't like:

I can't really say there was anything I didn't like, aside from it was over too quickly. The only reason I couldn't rate this five stars like TGfA is that it just didn't have the same emotional punch as the novel, and I felt I had to reflect that in my rating.

In conclusion:

As an addition to Caffrey's universe, this is a quick, enjoyable read, and long enough to give you a decent taster of his work. I would personally, however, recommend reading The Girls from Alcyone first because of the complexity of the world building, and references made to events in the novel during Merchantman. Give me more!

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