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Inherit the Stars by Laurie A Green #scifi #romance

Title: Inherit the Stars (The Inherited Stars Series)
Author: Laurie A Green
Genre: scifi romance
Publisher: Array Press
Available: Amazon $6.99 (Kindle) 401 pages
Rating: 5*
Rater: Pippa



To escape the merciless Ithian Alliance, Sair, a fugitive slave, makes a desperate deal with Drea Mennelsohn, captain of the prototype ship, Specter. But putting his life in the hands of a woman as mysterious as she is beguiling could turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life, especially when the price on his head begins to escalate. 

Drea seems to want far more from the fugitive than just payment for his passage on her ship. Though neither can deny the sizzling chemistry and growing bond between them, Sair must soon make an agonizing decision that could result in the loss of the remarkable woman he has fallen in love with—and their chance to inherit the stars.

This is also available in three serialized parts:
Inherit the Stars Part 1: Flight (The Inherited Stars Science Fiction Romance Series) $0.99 125 pages
Inherit the Stars Part 2: The Network (The Inherited Stars Series) $2.99 170 pages
Inherit the Stars Part 3: Sacrifice (The Inherited Stars Science Fiction Romance Series) $2.99 126 pages

What I liked:

Sair is exactly my kind of hero. Despite his subspecies' reputation for ferocity and aggression matched by large, muscular build, Sair is a tortured hero with a soft  heart, lacking the arrogance and testosterone-boosted ego of the typical alpha male. Not sure I'd rate him as a beta either though.  He's strong, loyal, caring, devoted to his women (yes, you did read that as plural but no spoilers!), and sexy as heck. Given into slavery at a young age, he's done what he's had to to survive and prosper, and it's given certain skills in the bedroom. This comes in useful since he has little else to offer for help in his escape. The story is told entirely from his point of view, and I have absolutely no issue with this since we remain in the one perspective for the entire serial/novel. 
Drea is a strong, complex woman, and we get to know her in a very natural fashion over the three parts. The secondary characters are also fully fleshed and well developed, and the romance intense. The conflict fuels the story and the action, with a good dose of thorough and intriguing world building (including the horrifying Ithian culture), plot twists, action and adventure. 

What I didn't like:

I'm not a fan of serials, but since all three parts were released in quick succession and swiftly followed by the full novel, it didn't keep you waiting (full disclosure: I read the full version prior to it being contracted and published). Part one gives you a good introduction if you're not willing to pay out for the full novel from a new author,but personally I find big books  released in parts a bit frustrating. Both part one and part two end on cliff-hangers,hence much of my irritation with serials. I am not a patient person! To me, the full novel falls more naturally into two parts, the first focusing entirely on Sair and his predicament, then moving on to his and Drea's joint quest for freedom and happiness.

In conclusion:

This, to me, sums up a lot of what I love most about science fiction romance - the two main elements are perfectly woven together to produce a heart-twisting, exciting romance adventure in a futuristic, technologically-advanced setting. For those nervous about paying out for the full novel from a new author, the serialization is the place to start, providing cliff-hanger endings are okay by you (though all three parts are available to curb any impatience!). I loved the technology and the characters, and can't wait to read more by this author. 

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