Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Girl from Above: Trapped by Pippa DaCosta #spaceopera

Title: Girl from Above: Trapped (Book 3 of The 1000 Revolution)
Author: Pippa DaCosta
Genre: Space Opera
Publisher: Self
Available: Amazon $2.99 (Kindle) 182 pages
Rating: 5*
Rater: Pippa

"When are you going to stop running, Caleb?"

Taking the synth to the casino capital of the nine systems seemed like a great idea at the time, but as Caleb Shepperd's many enemies close in, he only has one way out. He must betray #1001.

Caleb can't make the same mistake twice. Can he?

#1001 has a price on her head. The Fenrir Nine and Chitec will stop at nothing to secure her secrets. The very same secrets that riddle her synthetic mind with faults.

Her systems are failing.

And the one man she's come to trust may prove to be her enemy.

The sizzling, fast-paced, and action packed science-fiction continues in Trapped.

Reading order:
Girl From Above 1: Betrayal
Girl From Above 2: Escape
Girl From Above 3: Trapped
Girl From Above 4: Trust (coming soon)

WARNING: 18+ only. Adult content. Including sex, drug use, violence, & swearing.

What I liked:
Okay, okay, so I've finally stopped hating Caleb (though I still don't like him much). However, his total and utter remorse is finally winning me over, although I'd like to see him stop thinking with his libido (unlikely, I'm sure). Chuffed to see my suspicions about a certain character proved correct. Again, this is superbly written, fast paced and tension packed space opera. There are still the merest hints of a potential romantic HEA, but nowhere near enough for me to label this as a romance of any kind. The SF elements aren't too heavy for those afraid of being blinded by futuristic science, but enough that it satisfies my need for SF world building and the futuristic, advanced tech feel I prefer.

What I didn't like:
Caleb is still a jerk. But that's about all I can put under this heading.

In conclusion:
A tense and exciting penultimate book that has me anxiously awaiting book four with almost the same level of anticipation as going to see The Force Awakens. And that's high praise from me. This one also squeezed that extra star from me to make the 5, which my previous dislike for the 'hero' prevented me from giving. So there you go. Even a jerk can win me over if he's redeemed enough. Not for those who don't like explicit sex, violence, and lots of swearing but definitely for those who like flying by the seat of your pants action SF, and this one has quite a cliff-hanger ending.

I was given a copy of the book by the author for an unbiased and honest review.

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