Sunday, November 18, 2012

Khe by Alexes Razevich

Title: Khe
Author: Alexes Razevich
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self (September 5, 2012)
Available: $3.99 at Amazon 
Rating: 5 stars
Rater: Dihanna

From the publisher:
Khe loves her life with her sisters on a farming commune. When she realizes her ability to accelerate crop growth is a death sentence, she makes the wrenching decision to leave the only home she's known.

Fleeing across the wilderness, she makes her way to the city of Chimbalay--in search of the scientists who can save her life.  But Chimbalay has its own dangers.  The Powers are there--the secret rulers who have chosen Khe to be the mother of a monstrous new race.

What I liked: I really enjoyed reading this book.  I loved the main character, and found her courage inspiring.  The way the author draws the characters together, especially the sisters, left me smiling to myself many times. This is, at heart, the story of a woman’s power, and it’s told through not only the main character, but through the sisters, and through the Lumani and Weast (read it to decode!). Bottom line in this book – and in life! - never underestimate the power of  a woman.

What I didn’t like:  Nothing.

In sum: Very well written with a very good story. Read it.

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